How to Make Money Online With PLR Content

One of the methods that people underestimate when it comes to making money online is buying and reselling PLR content.

If you do not know, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is the license that gives you permission to sell other people’s content under your name by putting minor modifications.

It became popular because of its simplicity. It also provides you the opportunity to save a lot of time on content creation.

If you are unsure whether to use PLR content, this article should give you some heads up on what you can expect and what you can accomplish with it.

Benefits of PLR Content

What many people prefer doing is creating all of the content for the eBook by themselves. This is a great way as you can put a unique angle of view to the subject in the eBook but in essence, most of the content online consists of the same type of information.

So if you are not in a position to offer something that is remarkable or unique and your only plan is to rewrite other people’s words, you might as well focus on making money from PLR content.

Most people are unsure of the best way to start making money with this method, but I came up with eight different ways. They all work perfectly, and you can accomplish the same results as working with unique written content.

1. Sell it!

The most obvious of all ways to make money with this method. You can use it as a way to generate income through eBooks which are one of the most traditional ways as well.

People make thousands in monthly income by purchasing PLR content and then reselling it to people who have no idea that information can be found for much less money.

You can do this as well, and it will work perfectly as long as you make modifications such as changing the title, rearranging some of the paragraphs and correcting if there is any, grammar, punctual and writing errors.

However, you must not expect to be perceived as an industry expert if you go down this route. Your information is nothing more than a spin-off story from the Internet, but the key in making money with PLR content is in marketing.

If you present the eBook like it is unique and you convince your audience you wrote that content, you may as well make a serious income with it.

2. Blog posts

You can use PLR content to blog post on autopilot, but I usually do not recommend it. It is a good strategy for generic blogs that have no intentions of ranking in Google.

However, if your plan is to crawl your way to the top of the engines, PLR is not the way to do it. Remember, it takes quality unique written content + massive SEO effort to make your website first in the searches.

3. Membership sites.

Maybe even my favorite way to make money with PLR content. If you are running a membership website and you want to add some sort of value to your readers constantly, you ought to consider going down the PLR route instead of creating all of the content by yourself.

It is a smarter way to make your membership site active, and you will be in advance over your competitors who are creating the content naturally because the frequency of your publishing will be bigger.

You can even automate the entire process by purchasing a lot of content and setting it up with Aweber.

4. Podcasts

If you are running podcasts, the information coming from PLR content can be extremely useful. Also, I came up with a way to convert PLR video content into audio files with Audacity and then submitted the audio file to podcast directories.

I have generated plenty of new traffic this way, and I have managed to build up a huge following on podcast directory websites.

5. Modify the Content

If you come up with a good idea and an excellent modification, you can even manage to sell it as unique. You see, I have changed some graphics in the video I have acquired, but I left audio intact, which helped me easily and quickly create more content for my personal website.

It looked unique even though I got a bigger part of the content by purchasing it from

7. Share the Content Through Emails

Most people do not know how to handle subscribers, and a great way to do it is by sharing the info from PLR content. This is a surefire way to keep all of your subscribers and even acquire additional one.

What I usually do create several different emails by cutting a big article into several smaller ones. I, then, use that content to load my Autoresponder and automate the entire process. For the next couple of weeks, I do not have to lift my finger while my subscribers are getting useful info.

It is a great way to lay ground work for future purchases.

8. Start a Training School

This is a little bit similar to the membership method as it is a way of generating content by acquiring people who will make regular monthly payments to attend your classes or get some sorts of useful content from you.

IDplr Review

I wanted to dedicate a part of this post to one of the best membership PLR websites out there. If you are not a part of the IDplr website, I think you are making a huge mistake as you are wasting a lot of blogging efforts.

IDplr membership website has a lot of PLR content uploaded by thousands of different members, and you can draw content for the ways I have listed above from this marketplace.

Again, if you are running a serious blog, I advise you to not use PLR content for blog posts and press releases as you will not be getting any returns for your effort.