15 Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

Facebook is not just a powerful social media website. It is also flexible which means you can find countless ways to share your website or your business no matter the market or your goals.

Since the day Facebook was founded in 2004, it has improved in many ways regarding advertising and branding. It is a leading social media network regarding a number of users, number of businesses and number of people who are using Facebook as a way to generate traffic.

The premise of this article is to show you some of the most useful Facebook marketing tips. Some of these are paid, some are free, but nevertheless, they are all worthy and helpful to anyone willing to generate traffic from Facebook.

1. Have clear goals

Even though this might not sound like a common Facebook marketing tip, it is. It can be applied to any social media network out there but regarding Facebook, having clear goals is tied to whether you want more website visits, more likes to your Facebook page or a better fan engagement and better reach.

Each and every one of these metrics and factors has different objectives and different values, so choose smartly.

How to choose from these three?

If you are not sure what is the best option I advise you to start with Facebook likes. It will make you look popular which will create a domino effect and instantly draw more likes to the page and eventually to your website. Also, gaining Facebook likes is easier and cost-effective than driving visitors directly to your site.

2. Exploit Facebook offers

If you want to tap into a particular market and fully explore Facebook audience, you may want to try Facebook offers. With this option, you can provide an eBook or some incentive to a Facebook audience in exchange for their email address.

3. FB ads can be extremely useful.

A lot of people doubt whether the Facebook ads are useful or not. To be entirely honest, I was that way too but I have tried out every ads option and I came to a realization that they are effective.

4. Drive downloads for your app

If you have made an app or you are planning to do it, Facebook can be a great traffic generation option for you. With nearly 50% of users spending their time on mobile instead of PC, Facebook is an incredible solution for your needs.

5. A necessary call to action

When using Facebook ads, always remember to include a call to action and make sure you have something valuable to offer in return. Never spend money advertising the product that has no value or asking for an email and offering nothing in exchange. Most people will refuse these offers. A way to a sale starts with you giving more to your audience than asking for it back. Building a sales relationship is all about trust and the first step must be yours.

6. Promote special deals

If you have an agreement that is special and you believe that people will go nuts about it, use the ads option to attract more people. If you already have a huge page with a lot of page likes, you may as well try to increase the reach and let more of your page likers know about the deal on your website.

7. Facebook ads do not require having Facebook page

Most people are not aware of this, but running Facebook ads does not require having a page on this network. If you want to drive visitors directly to your website, you can do it without a previously established page.

8. Images work better

Images will help your post stand out from the crowd. It is proven by many ads tests that regular as well paid posts always do better if you include a beautiful and attractive image. Make sure you hit the nail on the head with this, and you can count on increment in sales for up to 30%.

The size of the image Facebook recommends is 1200×627 pixels. You may be well advised for different photo size depending on the type of ad you are running, however, in most cases, the photo must be at least 600 pixels wide.

9. Control your budget

When running an ad on Facebook, you need to know a thing or two about controlling your budget as creating the wrong type of ad and spending an enormous amount of money has become an often mistake for many users.

When trying to run an advertisement campaign on Facebook, you can choose from daily and lifetime budget options. A regular option might be better, and you will get an option to set how much money you will be spending it daily and once when you reach that limit, the ad will stop showing in people’s feeds.

The important thing to remember is that you can always change what type of campaign you are running no matter whether the campaign has started or not.

10. Target well

By far the best in the targeting of all social networks is Facebook. Everything you can accomplish when it comes to this area of the campaign is amazing.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to target audience by age, gender, location, region, language, relationship status, education and many more metrics.

It also offers you many other broad targeting options other networks don’t, so in essence, you can reach your ideal customer easily.

For those who are running a small business focused on one town or one area also have an excellent way to reach those people by targeting people who only live nearby. This helps by identifying and meeting new customers who are willing to purchase their services or products.

11. Start a contest

This is a free marketing tip that can increase your reach by more than 60%. New Facebook policy gives you the opportunity to host a contest for a giveaway directly on their network.

12. Run an incentive for a like

Facebook is also offering the option of hiding a piece of content behind the like barrier. This gives you the opportunity to collect likes quickly and the secret is in creating an attractive call to action.

13. Try a larger photo

According to some recent studies, larger photo posts give you a better chance to ‘force’ that reader to click on the post you are sharing.

14. Short posts do better

As it turns out, most people prefer seeing shorter posts. Most people when see a long type post decide to skip it and move further along the news feed.

15. Frequency of posting

Last but not least, determining the frequency of your posts is necessary. How often do you share something valuable and do your posts only contain advertising or you are also sharing content that is useful to your audience? Ask yourself these questions and try to find an answer that is satisfying to both you and your readers.

Good luck!